Lab mapping and e-learning in progress in Myanmar


November 17, 2021
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Lab mapping and e-learning in progress in Myanmar

The Myanmar SEALAB team presented on Teams the progress of the SEALAB project on Monday 15, November 2021.


The team has already conducted 57 visits of private laboratories, 48 in Yangon and 9 in Mandalay. The mapping tool includes 107 laboratories as it includes branches of some laboratories.

The platform displays the laboratory services classified in four categories, independent labs, labs attached to private hospitals, labs run by NGO and home services, independent or linked to laboratories. The menu diagnostic services provide a list of tests that can be performed in the laboratory which is selected. There is also an option to find the directions to reach the laboratory.

To make an appointment to interview the lab management team is challenging as an initial visit is needed to present the SEALAB project to the administrative staff and to provide leaflets to inform the lab manager of SEALLAB’s activities. The initial visit should then be followed by a formal visit and finally, another visit to effectively meet the laboratory management team. This long process must be regarded within the context of insecurity and movement restrictions.

Thanks to the determination and enthusiasm of the Mérieux Foundation team, the mapping of all laboratories in Yangon and Mandalay should be completed as planned by the end of this year.

Laboratory mapping platform

Knowledge Transfer

During the visits to the labs the SEALAB team presented the leaflet about the project and the Myanmar Moodle Platform. 107 lab technicians have already registered to access the platform.
The content is regularly updated by supplementary training modules on lab techniques. Due to the medical labs workloadand and safety issues, it has been difficult to organize face-to-face lab staff meetings to assess now to better tailor the content of the platform to their needs. The Mérieux Foundation team is working together to define an approach to receive feedback and suggestions directly from lab technicians and to evaluate if the platform should be combined with more user-friendly social networks.

Moodle platform

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