Improving Local Capacities

Our network is designed to respond better and faster to emerging human and zoonotic infectious disease outbreaks with the potential to cause pandemics.

Being connected via the SEALAB network allows laboratories to strengthen their capacities within the national healthcare system by following a clear method and developing action plans for targeted improvement.


Our aim is to ensure that laboratories are ready to respond quickly and effectively in the event of a disease outbreak, whether human or animal, with pandemic potential.

What are the benefits of a network?

  • Supervision
  • Mentoring & support
  • Equipment maintenance & calibration
  • Data management solutions
  • Transportation of samples
  • Surveillance
  • Quality management system

Evaluations & actions

  • The practical aspects of a laboratory system and network
  • How to maximize the use of resources
  • How to improve systems in a sustainable way


  • Inception phase (6 months): consult with the ministries, draw up a detailed national action plan, coordinate with other national and regional initiatives
  • Capacity-building of the laboratory workforce, management, systems and controls
  • Final assessmentat the conclusion of the project


All SEALAB activities are aligned with the country’s national strategies and policies, in coordination with national institutions in the laboratory sector and the relevant ministries in charge of public health and veterinary diagnostic laboratories. Close partnerships between the consortium and local human and animal health authorities will ensure the project’s sustainability.

Human and animal health: closely connected

Zoonotic diseases infect animals and can be transmitted to humans. In the fields of human and veterinary health, the SEALAB consortium seeks to reinforce the capacities of laboratory personnel, quality management systems, data management and laboratory supervision and control.


2020-2022: a strong response to emerging diseases