Moodle Knowledge Sharing Platform operational in Myanmar


September 29, 2022
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Moodle Knowledge Sharing Platform operational in Myanmar

Considering the health and safety situation in Myanmar the Mérieux Foundation has taken exceptional measures to continue the humanitarian aid for the population by implementing various strategies as part of the project SEALAB. Due to the COVID-19 crisis and the strain on public health system in the country, the Mérieux Foundation pursued its commitment to strengthen the diagnostic capacities. As part of this process, the Mérieux Foundation team in Myanmar developed a knowledge sharing platform to provide continuous education to reinforce the capacity of lab technicians.

The platform developed using the open source eLearning system, Moodle, is aimed at lab technicians working in medical laboratories and is hosted by the Mérieux Foundation. The content is technical, practical and ready to use for daily laboratory tasks providing documentation to support the continual improvement of the Quality Management System. There are three training sessions, five knowledge-sharing themes and a discussion forum.

Each training session provides an academic review of selected topics to refresh concepts and principles followed by an evaluation quiz. When the quiz is successfully completed (>60% of correct answers), an electronic certificate is awarded to the participants.

Training sessions

Quality Management System

  • Basic quality concepts
  • Quality Management System
  • Quality Management System

Biosafety and biosecurity

  • From risk to hazard
  • Risk assessment
  • Biosafety laboratory
  • Biosafety cabinet
  • PPE
  • Decontamination and waste management
  • Emergency-Incident response
  • Transport of specimens

Lab equipment management

  • Equipment management definition
  • Metrology definition
  • Micropipette
  • Fridge and freezer
  • BSC
  • Autoclave
  • Other equipment
  • Notions of electrical safety in the laboratory

The plaform provides resources from WHO and CDC, scientific articles and videos on topics such as microbiology, hematology, histopathology, molecular biology and COVID-19 and includes job aids on laboratory procedures developed by the SEALAB technical team.

Access to the knowledge sharing platform is free and open to the public, but registration is required to access the training courses and participate in the forum.

Access the Knowledge Sharing Platform

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