QMS training for veterinary sector in Lao PDR


September 20, 2022
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QMS training for veterinary sector in Lao PDR

In March 2021 the IQLS conducted an online assessment of the veterinary system laboratory taht resulted in a low score of 33% for the QMS implementation. Dr. Arsen ZAKARYAN and Mrs. Vivian FENSHAM delivered a basic level 1 QMS training for the veterinary sector in Lao PDR.

The aim of the training was to improve the participants’ knowledge, skills, and abilities essential to start an implementation of a QMS in the laboratory. The 13 lab technicians participated from the National Animal Health Laboratory (NAHL) and provincial laboratories, Savannakhet, Louangprabang, Louangnamtha and Champasak veterinary labs.

The  meeting evaluated the organization of the labs, the basics of QA, the documents (procedures, SOPs…), staff management, IQC and various standard norms and audits. The project manager in Lao PDR, noted that the meeting was too formal and academic, with few interactions. This was partly due to a lack of translations for the lab technicians and confirmed that an intensive training in English prior to training would be a real asset for future meetings. In addition, adapting the presentations to the labs’ background after onsite visit should stimulate an active participation.

The IQLS experts have developed two specific 6-months plans of action to strengthen veterinary laboratory QMS in Lao PDR at NAHL and provincial level. The action plan for NAHL include the development of the lab policies, strategic plan, standard norms guidelines, SOPs and documents for quality control and analyticals. For provincial labs, the IQLS support will focus on positions and job descriptions, management of documents, management of equipment and reagents, document control and competency evaluation procedures.

Completion of the action plans with regular support of the IQLS should ensure the implementation of laboratory QMS at NAHL and initiate the process at provincial level.

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