Second Laboratory System Assessment in Cambodia


March 13, 2023
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Second Lab System Assessment in Cambodia

The 2 day meeting organized from March 9-10, 2023 by the IQLS brought together key stakeholders involved in human health laboratory system to carry out the second laboratory system assessment. The first assessment was carried out in October 2020 before the start of the SEALAB project to highlight the weak points needed to be addressed by the project so that they are inline with main priorities.

Due to time constraints the assessment had to be scheduled before the completion of some key components of the program, for example the National Transport System component will be only be finalized at the end of April 2023, which means that the evaluation cannot yet reflect the improvement of some of the indicators of the laboratory system structure, organization, and regulation”

The second assessment evaluated the SEALAB project results measured against the expected/planned performance for the period of time which was moderated by two factors. The methodology used was different. A smaller group provided better opportunities for participants to think-pair-share (TPS) and the discussions clarified the questions of the LAT, with enough time to gather views and contribute to the discussions. In addition, during the SEALAB project, similar programs have been initiated by other organizations (GIZ, CHAI) and implemented concurrently.

The exercise and discussions on the formulation of questions allowed better ownership of the LAT by Health Authorities which has reinforced its capacity to assess and monitor the Laboratory System. The assessment revealed substantial improvements but also some remaining weak points. The main weak point was the equipment and supply management, however biosecurity and biosafety improved, due to the requirements of testing of COVID-19 specimens, and QMS component also improved significantly. The outstanding support provided by NRL in the framework of the SEALAB project had a positive impact.

The assessment was carried out by Dr. Arsen Zakaryan and Mrs. Vivian Fensham from IQLS with the participation of Dr. Sokunna Deputy Director of DHS at MoH, Mrs. Sam Sopheap, Head of BMLS, Mrs. Boy Chansopheap, biologist at BMLS, Dr. Pheng Sok Eng Deputy Director of CENAT, Mr. Saing Samat Head of lab unit at CNM, Mr. Mom Chandara Head of laboratory at NCHADS, Mr. Ieng Vanra, Info-system at WHO and Mr. Sek Sophat Advisor for laboratory system strengthening at GIZ.

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