The National Center for Laboratory Epidemiology holds SEALAB’s work plan’s final review meeting


August 24, 2021
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The National Center for Laboratory Epidemiology holds SEALAB’s work plan’s final review meeting

Held on the August 13, by the National Center for Laboratory Epidemiology (NCLE) and the National Animal Health Laboratory (NAHL), this One Health meeting was the final review of SEALAB’s work plan.

This work plan is the result of the collaboration between partner representatives from NCLE, NAHL and provincial laboratories. The meeting was the final step in the work plan development process for the final review and agreement of the work plan and activities before endorsement by SEALAB stakeholders.

Presided over by Dr. Noikaseumsy Sithivong (NCLE), Dr. Vilayvanh Soukvilay (NAHL) and Dr. Benoit Chevalier (Mérieux Foundation), the meeting was the occasion to recall the importance of a one health approach. After some welcoming words, Dr Benoit Chevalier presented three projects from the Mérieux Foundation, which were carried out to strengthen human and veterinary laboratories capacities in emerging infectious diseases diagnostics in South-East Asia.

The SEALAB work plan was presented to the meeting participants from strategy N1 to N7, including the activities related to Quality Management System (QMS) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) development in human and veterinary laboratories. The implementation of the activities in the provincial laboratories will be led and supervised by NCLE, NAHL and the Mérieux Foundation.

The participants established an agreement which they presented to the meeting chairs for their consideration and acceptance. After considering the work plan, they agreed on its related activities and announced the work plan’s endorsement date.

Meeting participants

National Center for Laboratory Epidemiology

  • Dr. Bouaphanh Khamphaphongphone, Deputy Director
  • Dr. Noikaseumsy Sithivong, Chief of Bacteriology Laboratory Section
  • Mrs. Maniseng Chitpaseuth, Head of Administration Section
  • Dr. Bounthanom Sengkeopaseuth, Chief of Epidemiology Section
  • Dr. Souphatsone Houatthongkham, Deputy Chief of Epidemiology Section
  • Mr. Khambai Noilath, Laboratory technician
  • Mrs. Arounnapha Vongdouangchanh Laboratory technician
  • Dr. Dalouny Xayavong, Laboratory Technician
  • Mrs. Khenkham Khathoumphom, Technician
  • Mr. Sinakhone Xayadeth, Technician

National Animal Health Laboratory

  • Mrs. Vilayvanh Soukvilay, Deputy Director
  • Mr. Chattouphone Keokhamphet, Head of Food Safety Section
  • Ms. Khamphok Phithacthep, Laboratory technician
  • Mr. Sengxay Phonthasy, Laboratory technician

Mérieux Foundation

  • Dr. Benoit Chevalier, Lao PDR Country Representative
  • Mr. Thenkham Haraixay, SEALAB Project manager
  • Mr. Boualapha Chanthilath, QWArS project manager

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